Designed by Rydia

                                    Waka (Ushiwaka)



Exact cost: 132,91 €.

Videogame: Okami.

Variant: In-game Waka mixed with Bestiary Waka.

Made in: 2011.

Awards: 2nd place in the Cosplay Contest, Salon del Manga de Tenerife 2011.

Waka is my favorite character in the game! He's funny, weird and a key character that always helps Amaterasu to improve her fighting skills, although his pretty boy presence doesn't please Issun at all xD. I had some problems with the design, and the costume itself was hard to make. It's too cartoony, and I thought that would look terrible in real life.

Luckily, there IS a realistic version of Waka in the game, and that's the one in the Bestiary. I took the liberty of mixing both designs: hat, hair, make up and wings looking like the cartoony version, and clothes looking like the realistic version. I saw a wonderful Waka cosplayer that did something similar to this, and she looks the best to me. So I gave it a try!

The shoes were a problem too. They are tengu geta, and by the information I found, it seems that they were usually used in the past by high couisine Japanese chefs and hermits, but they are rarely used nowadays. I needed to walk, run and jump and stand with comfortable shoes all the day, so I choosed the two slap geta instead. Even with these other kind of geta, it's hard to move well! I painted them in a dark orange and black colors, so they would look like the Waka's geta. I used a pair of white tabi socks I had from years ago with the geta. They are comfortable and soft!

For the hat, I used a base of felt, modeled after a base I did with paper. This way I could sew it to the wings and sew two bobby pins to attatch it to my wig. I covered that felt hat base with foam, white glue and expanded polyurethane, to cover the joints between the foam. I sanded down the polyurethane, added another layer of white glue and painted all of it with dark turquoise acrylic paint, mixing blue, white and green acrylics I had.The wings are made with white tergal and wire. It was the most difficult piece of all the entire costume. I had to tack it three times, due to having two layers and 15 points, and sew it two times, so I could leave an empty space to introduce the wire. The wire allows me to give the wings a more consistent, flowy, and raised form. I didn't want them to look sloppy. I attatched to bobby pins to the fabric, and I painted the points with a mix of pink, red and yellow fabric paint, all mixed with a bit of water. That way, I could obtain that pinky-orange color. I used my calligraphy brush and black fabric painting to do the black lines in the points.

The sweaters were easier. I used pink tergal and orange damask to make them. The orange one is smaller, since only the neck and part of the sleeves would show, and the pink one was longer enough to cover the opened sides of the trousers. Waka's clothes are very curious, because they are a mix between a regular sweater and a kimono, and a pair of regular trousers and a hakama. The pompoms were the easiest part of the costume. I found a tutorial to make them. It's in Spanish but it's understandable watching the images than trying to explain how I made them: Como hacer pompones de lana. The bigger you want the pompons, the smaller you have to make the holes, whch means the sides of each circle have to be bigger.

I made the hakama with purple damask. It was hard to figure it out, even using a pattern, because I had to alter it to look like regular trousers mixed with a hakama. The measures of the pattern were HUGE, I had to readjust them and the first time I cut the front and back side I did it wrong, due to an error of 2 cms in the sides. Luckily, I had enough fabric because damask is about 3 meters wide, so I could cut each part again, and the other two parts to complete the trousers. I sewed all of it trying to resemblance Waka's trousers of the bestiary, which was not easy. I made some clothespins around my hips in the front side so they would fit and Waka, to my surprise, already had. I added a waistband that would be invisible once I sewed the white belt, which is made of the white tergal I used for the wings. I added elastic inside the waistband, in order to adjust the trousers easily and don't have problems with them falling down. I added the upper part of the trousers, both in front and back side. They are typical of hakamas, and I lined them inside with felt. This way, that part of the costume would maintain stiff. Finally, I sewed the trousers at the end of each leg, so I could put an elastic inside and obtain that balloon efect in the trousers.

I made the sword with a technique used in soft combat that the role group "El Elfo Gris" teached in the Salon del Manga Tenerife last year. I used a thin bamboo stick and the thick foam used to sleep inside a sleeping bag, which is sold in sport stores. This way, you can make any consistent, strong weapon this way, and it'll look good too. I cut three layers for the sword, and put the bamboo stick between them. I covered it with two layers of white glue and then painted them with acrylic white paint and silver and gold synthetic paint. I made the tiny decorations with regular thin foam. And for the scabbard, I used the brown imitation leather fabric that left over from Vanille, which is black in the other side. I had to sew it leaving the brown part inside, so it was a bit hard to sew in the sewing machine. I added a stripe with velcro to attatch it to the white belt.

Jose made Waka's flute-light-saber while I sewed his Amaterasu cosplay. He used two cheap swords (that was the only way we could find translucent pvc tubes), a gray pvc stick covered with brown aironfix, white glue mixed with fluorescent green dust and with glow in the dark green dust, translucent tape, translucent thread, springs, tops of various pens, double side tape, etc. He tried to introduce leds and make them work, but failed. He wants to try the leds again sometime, so I could upload a tutorial made by him if he finally can do this.

Amaterasu costume was the most hard and stressing I've ever done. I had Jose help me with the head structure, and to try the costume every time I needed to see how it looks and make adjustments. I used two type of ironed fur since my sewing machine can't sew short, neither long fur. The white and black ones are called "muflon" (which means "mouflon" according to the translator. Yes, it's name is the same as the animal), which are of higher quality, and red "pirineo" ("Pyrenees". Yes, like the place) for the red decorations. I made Jose put a winter pyjamas on and I pinned it up with the form I wanted it to be. I took the measures for half a body and half a leg and made the pattern according to them. The leg has the form of a cured ham leg, and it was hard to make it to fit with the body shape, which I made as a one piece swimsuit since this way was easier for me. Then I made the sleeves using the pyjamas sweater sleeves as a pattern.

For all the "wings" decorations and the tail, I used the white, black and red fabric, cutting everything with their respective forms. Since is hard to translate a wolf into a person, I used the Amaterasu of Temperance (a Canada user from as a reference. She has the best Amaterasu costume in my opinion, and she has translated the "wings", tail and red decorations really well. The wings have an oval form with the endings in a round tip form, and the tail has a wavy form. The black and red decorations have all spiral forms. Be careful, because each side of the wings have the decorations in the opposite direction (if you put a black spiral in the left side, put it on the right side in the other side of the wing), as well as the red decorations. I put foam to the chest and the upper part of the legs in order to make muscles similar to the dogs and wolves ones.

For the paws, I made the patterns according to Jose's hands and feet, but with four toes instead of five, since other mammals like dogs or wolves have their fifth finger hidden. I used a stiff, black felt, to make the footprints decorations and the soles inside the paws. Each paw has four layers of fabric and is filled with plush filling in the upper part to make them more round and soft. The hands were easier than the feet, since the feet had to be more like a pair of high house slippers. I put velcro in the fabric around the ankles so the feet can't slip away. The hands are simple gloves with toes, filling in the toes and nails made with a weird, strong foam we found in a chinese store.

I covered the head with the three color fabrics and black paint. I tried to sew it all and glue it to the base, but this didn't work. I had to unpick the different parts and glue them into the base. The base was made with the foam we found in the chinese store. I also made the teeth with this material. The black eyes are sunglasses, and Issun is a little black plush with the edges painted with green fabric paint. It's attatched and sewn to

Ammy's head with a thick metal wire. The ears are made with the white and black fabric too. The most hard thing was making the back of the head and the front of the neck. I had to make a lot of darts so it could look good. I attatched the head to the body with velcro, and Ammy's weapon with elastic both in the upper and lower part in the back of the costume. This way, the weapon could move.

All the effort was worth! I'm satisfied with the result. The costume looks soooo cute I want to hug it *-* And we won the second prize! We are very happy!