Designed by Rydia



Exact cost: 110,34 €.

Videogame: Shadow of Memories.

Variant: In-game looks (he looks more human in the artwork).

Made in: 2010.

One of the creepiest but coolest characters I've ever met. I fallen in love with this adventure game, which is said to be the best adventure game ever. Since it was made by Konami, I believe that xD. Homunculus is charming, convincing, weird and a bit liar, to save its ass of course xD. It is a djin, a kind of demon who grants a wish to the master that releases it from the Philosopher Stone, in exchange for their immortal soul. But it has a different role in the game. It needs Eike to find and give the Philosopher Stone to the person who should release it: Doctor Wagner, in the Middle Ages. Homunculus lend Eike a digipad, which is used to travel in time. Full of different stories, paradoxes, surprises and philosophy, this is one of my favorite games ever, and Homunculus is the root of the plot. Homunculus has no sex, and in the Japanese version the characters refers to it with neutral words.

The most complicated and expensive part of this costume was the make-up, styling the wig, make the weird earring with foam, gold paint and thick wire, and the red contacts, since I needed one with graduation. I spend about half an hour applying the make-up xD.

I bought two meters of an imitation of black velvet for the trousers and the belt with the two tails, and two meters and a half of cotton-knit for the sweater and the shoes. I bought more fabric than I needed so I could use the remaining fabric for my Halloween Town Riku costume.I took the pattern for the sweater from my aunt's Burda magazine, year 2004, 4th December, page 77 and modified it, without the high neck and in one piece (it had some horizontal cuts a bit down the shoulders). I cut the fabric in 6 parts and sewn them together. The sleeves were in one piece each, but the front and back side were three pieces. This was stupid since the sweater didn't really need the zipper the instructions asked for at the back, and I had to take a few centimeters in from each side because it wasn't tight enough, even when I cut it my size, according to the magazine. I didn't make the high neck because I wear it in July, and I didn't want to die from the hot.

I made the pattern of the trousers with one of my trousers, cut and sewn the fabric and added elastic in the waist and at the end of each leg. I used the black cotton-knit fabric to make boot covers, since my old boots are too destroyed and too short to wear them as they are. I did the lower part of the covers with felt that left when I lined Yuna's obi. I glued the fabric on it, and I sewn elastic in the top part so they wouldn't fall.

I were in a group with Jose, Humi and Cless, and I helped Humi and Cless with their costumes of Margarette and Eike. The hardest part was Margarette's sleeves. We had to make them two times so they would make sense. A website about Middle Ages clothing helped me with the patterns. I find one similar and modified it so, when we cut the fabric, it would fit in the corset. We didn't have much problems with the skirt and Eike's clothes, since we had similar clothes and could make the patterns from them without modifying anything, but cutting and sewing everything together. But we need more practice with the front pockets of the trousers. They weren't very useful since they were tiny xD.

We took part with these cosplays in the Cosplay Contest of Salon del Manga de Tenerife 2010. We enjoyed a lot the idea and our performance, it came out funny but accurate to the game. We represented A ending. Lots of deads happened in there, the poor Jose's back was hurting from all the times he had to practice Hugo's death in the rehearse xD. We found fans from the game, I was really surprised! They recognized us and the moment of the game we did. I hope we do more representations like this in the future.