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Updates 02-08-12

I have a new website! I've been dreaming on having a cool, dynamic flash website since before I did this one xD. Now I was able to do it, yayyy!

Click here and go to the new site!

Updates 25-07-12

The con already ended! It was so much fun this year, it had a lot of different things to do. It was very hot weather too, but I endured it XD.

I decided participating again in the Otaku House cosplay contest of this year. I made a badge and all :3 You can vote for me in the following link:

Otaku House 2012 Contest

Updates 23-05-12

Hello everybody! 

As you may have noticed, CosBlog has closed. But don't worry, because they opened WorldCosplay! A much better site where you can follow your favorite cosplayers latests photos and favorite any photo you like.

I made an account there and I'm still finding cosplayers I love there! (or they finding me xD).

Byebye! Have a nice day ^_^ 

Updates 19-05-12

Hello! Long time no see.

I'm going to be studying hard for May-June's tests! This year I'm finishing my studies, finally. And I got to live and work from August onward :3 I'll work hard in a ecologycal farm to try and keep this world a better place.

I don't know if I will be able to cosplay for a long time, I won't have access to enough fabrics, good sewing machine or photo camera for a while :( But I will try to! 

I'm uploading new banners for "Link & Contact" section for today. Salon del Manga de Tenerife will start 18 July this year! I have to work hard of my cosplays right after my tests :3


Updates 04-03-12

I uploaded the new gallery for Waka and Marle's section!



Updates 21-02-12

Carnivals, yay!

I took a photoshoot of Homunculus yesterday. I'm very happy, because I want decent photoshoots of all of my cosplays. Sadly, I can't take photos of all of them, so I have to choose a few. La Laguna's carnival is really weird, looks like it's mixed with religious procession xD.

I already did a photoshoot for Waka today too, and I'm planing about doing another one of Marle and Haku in Saturday and Sunday this week. The "Coso" today was better than I expected! The costumes were beautiful and original, althought some carnival groups lack of variety of color.

Click in the image if you want to go to Homunculus gallery! I will upload Waka's tomorrow.

Have a nice day :3! 



Updates 09-01-12


I just wanted to write an entry to thank you all so much for still visiting my website! 2005 visits already, wow! I hope this and next year I'll have more time to improve the web with tutorials, changing the layouts and adding and explaining more costumes.

I've been playing "Persona 3 FES" for PS2 lately. I couldn't play it before because I died miserably in the FIRST battle. Seriously, the difficulty is ridiculous. So I tried various tutorials, now that I have holidays, to use a save from gamefaqs so I can start the game at lvl 25.

And I succeded! Thankfully, now the game is playable. Is a pity all the save has is the characters and personas at lvl 25, but at least I can play. I'm going through the sub-door of the second door in the Desert.

I will have two tests in January, but hopefully they're pretty easy, and I don't have to do anything more until March because I already passed all my tests and works! Yay!

Thank you for reading all of this xD. Take care, people! Byebye! 


Updates 01-01-12

¡Happy New Year 2012, everybody!

I don't know why, but I love New Year's festivity. Christmas doesn't mean nothing to me (besides being with my family), but New Year has always had some charm for me.

Rainstars contest ended and I managed to be in the July month of the 2nd calendar. Congratulations to the first winner by the way, Giada Robin! And thank you so much to everyone who voted for me.

You can download the calendar if you go to "Awards and Media" section. 



Updates 10-12-11

Yesterday, Jose and I were judging the cosplay contest that close the "I Semana del Comic de la Laguna". It was a fun and nice experience! And the cosplayers were pretty good.

I wore my last cosplay I made for Halloween, so I had an opportunity to take some photos! Lucky me, the place was perfect for the costume.You can see the gallery clicking here:

I have three tests the next two weeks T_T. But I'll have holidays after that, and then I'll begin my next cosplay: Marle from Chrono Trigger!

Well, see ya! I'm going to study ^_~


Updates 22-08-11

RainStars Cosplay Contest has started! Vote for me if you want, I'm the number 20 ;)


Updates 07-08-11

Hello everyone!

As you can see, I uploaded Waka and Hikaru new cosplays, and updated the Alice, Riku Halloween and Vanille galleries. I also uploaded the gallery of Salon del Manga de Tenerife 2011 in "Convention photos".

Today, I upload a make up tutorial about coloring eyebrows blonde. I haven't perfectioned the tutorial yet, but I'll give it more tries until I am satisfied with it. I hope this tutorial can be useful for you!


Updates 25-07-11

Long time I didn't update anything! I was making Amaterasu's costume and atrezzo for the masquerade and practicing for the para para contest. We won the second prize in both contests! We are so happy! This is the first time we win something, we thought we were doomed xDDDD. I'm tired a lot, but very happy!

I'll try to upload the photos I've taken of my cosplays and other people cosplays this week, as well as I'll try to make the most complex tutorials and upload them too. 


Updates 7-06-11

I created an account in cosblog! They were nice enough to invite me, it looks like a nice web.


Updates 15-06-11

I'm so happy! I already finished all my tests. I only need to know if I passed one of my subjects, the rest are passed already! I'm not sure yet about the three Philosophy works, but I'm sure I'll pass.

Recently I played Aion. I never thought I would love an online game more than Lineage 2, Shaiya and Xiah, but this game is so awesome! It has lots of quests, it's easier to level up than in any other online games I've played, and it's hard that monsters kill you (in fact, I haven't been killed yet O_o). I can relax and enjoy myself, not depending on any parties to do each damn thing xD.

Today I open a new section! If you click on "Cosplay", you'll find a "Tutorials" section. There are five options inside, but only "Tips" and "Wigs" are open, since those are easier to write and upload. I plan to open the other sections this summer, let's see if I can xD. The most complicated are sewing tutorials, because it's hard explaining each step -.- But I'll give a try! 

This section is both in Spanish and English, since I had less to write xD. I'm very methodic at explaning things step by step. But I can't avoid the avalanche of words in "General Tips" subsection. So many things can be put there!

I hope the tutorials can be useful for you.

Updates 30-05-11


Yeah, I should be sleeping at this time, but I need to do something different than studying and sleeping xD. Today I achieved something I wanted to do since I decided I want a cosplay website. In each character section, there is now a little button under the reference image. It's a theme song related to the each character, or their game/anime/movie/whatever they came out. I'm going to have trouble for the original characters though, I have to think how to solve that.

Yeah, looks like a stupid little detail, but is something that I was very excited about <3.

Good night, everyone!

Updates 6-05-11

Wow, I thought was dead! Aparently, it re-opened recently.

Enter cosspace!

Updates 27-04-11


I've updated my planned list cosplays...nooooooooooo! xD. I have too many planned costumes, and I doubt I'll be able to make them all. But dreaming is free, so, these are the ones I put now:

Updates 21-04-11

Long time I didn't upload anything xD.

I've been adding and changing some cute things in the right side of the web: dolly maker (click on the Magical Girl to make your own), changed my puricute and trying to change my puricute stamp, changing the squirrels clock for an Alice clock (visit Watari Graphics, that website is beautiful *.*).

I read a thread in about a World Wide Cosplay Contest online! They give about $3000 in prizes you can choose (there are some great figures, posters and plushies, and other things), and anybody can enter! If you want to join, you only have to read the rules and send them what they ask for, here: Otaku House Cosplay Idol

Me and a friend could enter, she as Suigintou and myself as Calintz. They are really fast uploading the pictures. If you want to vote me, click "Like" in my photo, here:

Cosplay idolRydia as Calintz Jerevinan
Join Otaku House Cosplay Idol

Updates 6-03-11

I already finished Vanille's costume! I don't have the weapon made yet, but I will give it a try when I have time.

It has been a month of full work, but it was worth! I'm very happy with the result and I will post photos soon.

I went to the Cabalgata anunciadora del Carnaval 2011 (a Carnival parade), and I found plenty of people in all kind of cosplays, from videogames, anime and Disney movies. It was fun! A pity most of my photos are bad, most of the Carnival groups were running in the parade.

Oh, I almost forgot. I have a nw costume in "In progress" section. You can take a look at it ;)

See ya!

Updates 25-01-11

Yessssssssssss I finished my tests! Now I can continue making my Vanille costume. Carnivals are in March this year. I feel lucky xD.

By the way, I've been thinking about translating the website to Spanish a year ago, but I don't want to fill this with even more text. I leave here a translator. It's not perfect, but it isn't bad.

PROMT Translator

Updates 3-01-11

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had an enjoyable New Year's celebration. May your wish for 2011 come true!

This is my new costume: Oerba Dia Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII!

I felt attracted to this character since the very moment I saw her in a Japanese magazine capture. She reminded me a lot to Yuna and Rikku. And I was right! I enjoyed the game a lot. I think she is the most pure and kind character of the game, and also the most cheerful, together with Snow. Even her bad side is for a good reason. I would like being more like her.

Now I'm going to study. Tests will come soon! They are only three, but still I have to study hard.

See you again!

Updates 24-12-10

Merry Christmas everyone!

I already uploaded the Salon del Manga de Tenerife 2008 gallery in "Convention photos" a few days ago.

I also joined and I adopted some cute characters. 

See ya!

Updates 5-12-10

Today has been a hard work day! Both for the website and for classes xD.

I've updated "Other Cosplayers" section. Also, there is a new costume in "Planned Cosplays" :D .The new layout has made the "Planned Cosplays" section going crazy, so I'm trying to fix it xD. Hope I finally will upload the "Salon del Manga de Tenerife 2008" in the next days. This time I'm going to do it, I swear! xD.

Well, it's time to go and keep working in my classes duties.

Updates 27-11-10


As you can see, I changed the layout. Hope you like it!

Now I'm going to do a work for class about Nietzche. I hope I can pass the oral test >.<!

Updates 3-11-10


The Halloween party was fun! Jose and I were to a tea house-bar, decorated as a cemetery xDDD. It was really cool!

There were no Halloween contest at the comic store because they were changing, and our friend that was going to be Kairi didn't finish the costume due to personal issues, but I guess we can try next year.

I will upload photos and information about the costume in the next days.

Also sorry because I haven't done the gallery of the Salon del Manga de Tenerife 2008 yet. Every time I see the insane amount of photos I have to rearrange, I close the url and I do other things xDD.

Well this is all for now, I hope you enjoyed in your party too!

Updates 19-10-10


Well, I've been done a few changes. I finally realized how to change the font color xDDD so I put it in medium violet. Sadly, the Vocaloid website from which I made the Vocaloid playlist doesn't work very well, so I uploaded "Aria the Box" soundtrack in and put a playlist in the sidebar area at the right side of the website. It is very relaxing!

I have lots of homework and group works from class to do, so I'm slower with the Riku costume >_< . Today I'll sew the vest and possibly the blouse, and then I only need making the sword. I hope I can finish the costume this week. I have to help Jose with his Sora costume, sewing the jacket and the shirt. Hopely, he will do his own accessories and decorations and I won't be stressed xD.

Alice photoshoot has been delayed, probably until Carnivals, since everybody are busy studying and don't have time to help me with the photography. I hope I can take some photos on February!

This is all for the moment. Now I'm going to study, see ya!

Updates 23-09-10

I'm about to finish the shoes and the wing of Riku *-* Hope the costume turns just as I thought.

Oh today I found a video with a song from the new Kanon Wakeshima's album! It's so lovely! The song is great, I can't stop listening to it. I also love the choruses made by Solita, the white girl dressed in shiro lolita in the video.

I already listened all the songs of the album, and I also like Princess Chaleston and Kuroneko to Pianist no Tango. The last one is just SO cute! This album is very, very lolita. I leave here the videos of these three songs. Don't be shy and search for the rest of the album to listen, you won't regret it ^^


Updates 18-09-10

Hello! Today I put a counter and a guestbook. I felt something was missing here xD. Also I've finally beaten Ephemeral Fantasia, Project Diva II and Final Fantasy XIII, yay! Now I'm going for the Magna Carta: Phantom of Avalanche, and Persona 3 for PSP. There is an English patch for Magna Carta PoA already, so now I will understand the game, because I played a few years ago and I couldn't even cure the characters in battle xD.

Classes started already! Hope this year I will be less stressed. I'm going to make less cosplays to achieve that xD. Only Vanille (already gathered almost all the materials), Waka (from Okami), Hikaru Koyama's clothes from Super Euro Flash (really easy and I already have half the things I need), and a surprise I hope I can make! The surprise is expensive as hell, and I don't know if I will have enough money for it. Time won't be a problem, I will make it in August next year if I can buy the fabrics (they are expensive, about 120 € @_@).

Updates 28-08-10

Hi! Right now, I'm working on my Halloween Town Riku. I'm making the little hat for now, and I have all the fabrics cut and ready to sew. I didn't draw the fan art yet, but I will upload it as soon as I finish the costume. I put it in the 'In Progress' section.

I will make a photoshoot of Alice costume soon! I hope it will be in the woods, when this terrible hot wave ends X_X

I also put another website on 'Find me in...' section, in which I also have an account: CosplayLab. Yes, it's old and well known too. I signed in it years before, but I just forgot adding pics and info lol. It's good too, make yourself an account there if you want to :3.

Updates 13-08-10

Hello! I finally uploaded the "Salon Manga Tenerife 2009" in "Convention photos". What a pain, really xD. I've been playing Project Diva 2, Final Fantasy XIII and Ephemeral Fantasia. Great games, although the last one is a pain in the ass due to the difficulty. But I'll beat it no matter what, the story is just too good to miss it!

Oh no, new characters in the "Planned cosplays" section. These are: Chii (Chobits, with the pink dress with the giant skirt and ribbon), Vanille (FFXIII), Medicine seller (Mononoke/Ayakashi), Koudelka (Koudelka, this one was in my list since I played the game but I just forgot to add it lol), Krysta (Ferngully), Quistis Trepe (FFVIII), Alicia Florence (Aria) and Serina (Magna Carta ToB).


Update 6-08-10

The "Convention photos" section is working now! But only the "Salon Manga Tenerife 2010" subsection. It's a pain doing it like that. It consumes a lot of time but it's worth the result. It looks better than just putting a link to the generic gallery xD.

I will do the other two galleries in the next days.

Updates 30-07-10

I've updated the "Finished Cosplays" in the "Cosplay" section. There are three new cosplays: Homunculus, Hikaru Koyama and Rin Kagamine. Search for Yuna, there are new photos. I remakde the costume, since the old one was too tight on me. Even the old skirt was too short, because I grown up after I made it.

I'm planning on doing photoshoots of Alice and Neji. Neji's photos were taken at night in the streets in Carnivals, so the cosplay can't be clearly seen, and I don't have any photos with my Alice cosplay. We forgot the cameras in the birthday, the photos I took in the cinema went out blurry and the costume was unfinished in that time.

I will make the "Convention photos" section as soon as possible. The "In progress" section has been updated too. Alice will be there until I take photos of it.

Updates 26-07-10

I created a new section called "Convention photos". For those photos I take of cosplayers in Conventions and Carnivals.

The Salón del Manga finished yesterday! I am really tired, since it lasts for 5 days as a secondary effect from the Lan Party which is in the same building lol. But I am happy and I had fun all the days. I danced, cosplayed and took part in lots of entertaining short courses about a lot of things: drawing, doing korean calligraphy and papercraft, making dragons, fuurin and washi dolls all from paper, making cute brooches with felt and jewellery, etc. I also took a lot of photos of my cosplays and of other cosplayers, but I won't upload them yet. I have to resize them and fixing lightning. All the photos will be in their respective galleries.

My next costume, and the last from this year, will be my Halloween Town version for Kingdom Hearts II Riku. It will be for a Halloween contest. I love designing clothes for characters I like, and I already have the design. I hope the costume will turn good.

See ya! Have a relaxed and good summer!

Updates 17-07-10

Loooong time I last updated! Lots of things have happened.

I was very busy studying, but also making a bunch of costumes and helping my friends with theirs. This is the first and last time I make this amount of costumes in a year (6 and a remake), I swear! I have another one to do for Halloween. It will be the last of this year. I passed 11 of my 12 subjects. Not bad! And I can make the test of the one left in December, when I have nothing to do, yay!

There are only 4 days left for the convention. We will finish the costumes and props tomorrow, and the rest of the days we will rehearse our plays. I don't think we will win, but we do it because we love acting of our favorite videogames, manga and anime, so we really don't care about it xD.

My boyfriend got sick, so we couldn't make the Chesire Cat for him. He improvised a White Rabbit costume for the opening movie in Spain and I went as Alice. But while I watched the movie, I noticed the dress had lots of stripes in blue and black in her dress! Aww. It's really difficult making a costume with photos taken from a trailer in youtube, the details can't be clearly seen. One of my friends make her birthday a cosplay party and I fixed the costume for it by sewing and gluing an insane amount of ribbons and cords. Why do I always have to choose those kind of costumes? xDDD. I don't have photos yet, but I will upload them when I can take them, for sure.

For more information, visit "In progress" section. Most of the costumes there are complete, but I don't have photos yet. I will make a proper section when I can take photos of the costumes.

Updates 28-02-10

I created an "Awards" section to put my banner from Rainstars Topsites 09. I don't know by the moment, but I think I will participate in more contests in the future! 

I also uploaded a new puricute capture in the side bar. If you want to make your own puricutes, enter on

Updates 22-02-10

I finished both Calintz and Konan costumes! And I get fun on Carnivals with them, although this year I only could go two days -.- But oh well, next year I hope it will STOP raining so I can go more days. You can see photos and description in the "Completed cosplays" section, inside "Cosplay" section in the navigation bar.

I'm going to cosplay Alice for the movie open in Spain (but in Tenerife!). Her photo is already in the "In progress" section. I was on a rush because it was on 5th March at first, but something happened and they will open the movie on theaters in 16th April! I have no idea about what happened, but now I can be more relaxed and help Jose with his Chesire Cat costume. Man, this will be fun xD, making a Chesire Cat costume!

Updates 9-02-10

Finally, the results of the Rainstars Top Site Contest !!

The jury voted, but I obtained the 3rd prize due to your votes only! Thank you very much, everyone :D!!!

Here is the banner:

I'm still making my Calintz and Konan costumes for Carnivals. Hope I can finish them in time!

Update 24-01-10

I added a Top Sites! Click on the button of "Rydia Cosplay Top Sites" in the side bar at the right of this page. Register your site there, if you want to be in my Top Sites. It's a tool that help people to promote their websites, it can be useful for yours.

Updates 7-01-10

Happy New Year everyone!

I already did the subsection "In progress", in the "Cosplay" section. It's very simple but well, there are just in progress costumes there lol.

You can see I modified the side bar at right of the website. I removed the Tare Panda and Mameshiba images, and the songs I try to put in the website but few people could hear, since I already found the Vocaloid Playlist website I was searching for! I filled it with Gackupo and Megurine Luka songs, hope you enjoy it! The website url is: . Now you can do your own cute Vocaloid playlist if you want!

Today ends the contest of Rainstars in which I have been for a month. Last day to vote! Thank you all for your support, voting my website everyday in the contest, I'm the second right now, hope I will maintain the position.

Updates 27-12-09

After days of searching for photos, learning how to make pages inside other pages in webs, and finding a code for changing images into other images that works, I finally added three sections inside the "Cosplay" sections. The first is "Completed cosplays", the second one is "In progress", and the third one is "Planned cosplays". The second section is still in construction, but the other two are completed now. 

I finally found the code for the Miku Clock too. It was so simple xD. If you wanna use it, just write this on your website or blog: <embed src="" mce_src="" width="155" height="180" /> . Just delete the space and the "/" sign, and it should work.

Thank you very much everyone for still voting me at! I'm the third right now, but oh well, who knows what will happen until the last day!

Updates 17-12-09

New layout! I do like this colors and kind of layout more, but I prefered the header before.

I remodeled the "Links" and "Contact" section to be an only one section, and did the same with the "Cosplays" and "Gallery" section because they were a problem, since people needed to be logged in to see them. Now that problem is fixed!

I still don't know how to divide the "Cosplay" section into different pages, so the costumes are just thrown in there lol. I will fix that when I know webs allows to make pages inside other pages.

Thank you very much everyone who voted for me in the "Rainstar's Top Sites contest"! You can still vote for me one time per day, until 7th January 2010.

P.D.: Press the kitty paw in the right side bar :3 Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!

Update 19-11-09

I entered to an italian top100 contest. Here is the banner to vote, you can vote one time per day:

Update 20-09-09

A Japanese cosplay web directory. I'm trying to understand it yet but I like it!

I fixed all links with images. I'm new to this hosting and it is a bit weird to manage.

I reduced the size of some photos at the gallery and uploaded new ones.

New links on Other Cosplay Sites.

Update 10-09-09

Today a shop assistant called me madam. I mean, lady, old, and all that. Wait, am I that old? Almost all the people I know say I look like 16 years old. Maybe it was because I was wearing sunglasses? Lol, I don't know but after the shock I thought it was funny.

Talking about sunglasses, I have to wear them all day when I go out. Recently, I took an eye operation. The left one. The good thing is that now I have 1,25 diopter, and I had 15 (yes, almost blind). The bad thing: now I have to buy again the left contact lenses of all my color contact lenses for my cosplays -.- Hope my left eye will stand contact lenses now.

The past two days I've been searching for fabrics and other materials to make my new two costumes: Konan from Naruto and Calintz from Magna Carta Tears of Blood, with a special outfit. Hope it will turn good!

By the way, I subscribed my site here:

There is also this website,,which has interesting features (also about cosplay). The website is very good, it also has a directory with lots of sites about different things.

Thank you everyone who have joined my site, visited it and voted me!

Update 4-09-09

New sections: Other Cosplay Sites, Find me in...

Update 1-09-09

New section: Links.

Updates 27-08-09

New costumes: Haku (Pink kimono) - Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke (first outfit) - Naruto Shippudden, Rikku (Lady Luck) - Final Fantasy X-2, Tear Grants (Original Fujishima's Artwork) - Tales of the Abbyss.

About section updated.

Update 22-08-09

New costume: Hyuuga Neji - Naruto Shippudden.

Update 20-08-09

New costume: Gaara (little kid) - Naruto

Update 18-08-09

New costume: Rikku (Swimsuit original) - Final Fantasy X-2

Updates 15-08-09

New costumes: Uchiha Itachi SNJ - Original and Beatrix - Final Fantasy IX.

Contact section.

Updates 13-08-09

Website updated with new costumes: Yuna (Amano design) - Final Fantasy X, Rikku (Samurai dress phere) - Final Fantasy X-2 and Uchiha Itachi - Naruto.

Welcome to my site! 20-04-09

Hello! I'm a spanish cosplayer who loves the art of dressmaking. I'm not a professional but I always try hard with my costumes. I'm trying for a well done website. This is the first layout I've made, and I'm happy with it!

I upload today my first costume, Rose from Legend of Dragoon.